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Boat propeller kills vacationing sports diver

A sports diver from Virginia was killed when she became entangled in a boat propeller.

Janice A. Henne, 65, of McLean, Va., was with 17 other divers on a charter dive trip off Palm Beach on Monday.

A report said that as the captain of the Temptation, owned and operated by Gold Coast Charters in Riviera Beach, placed the boat in gear to pick up divers "he heard a thump, thump."

A diver who also heard the noise saw Henne in the propeller and tried to free her but could not. The impact of the propeller severed her left arm and most of her head, the sheriff's report said.

An autopsy was being conducted to determine if she had any medical condition which could have caused her to stray into the propeller.

Infomercial tycoon

has assets frozen

ORLANDO _ Federal prosecutors are freezing the assets of real estate infomercial guru William McCorkle as investigators conduct a federal tax and fraud probe.

Prosecutors Monday unveiled a forfeiture complaint against McCorkle, six months after federal agents raided his Lake Mary home and Orlando offices to seize records and property.

According to an affidavit filed by the Internal Revenue Service, investigators are looking into whether McCorkle and his wife, Chantal, engaged in telemarketing fraud by making bogus promises while selling educational videos and materials to customers.

Palm Beach schools

relax restrictions

WEST PALM BEACH _ The Palm Beach County School District is relaxing its evening activities ban because the threat of mosquito-borne encephalitis is fading, in a move that will revive some Friday night football.

The district Monday lifted restrictions on nighttime school activities south of Southern Boulevard and east of the Florida Turnpike _ the areas with the least threat of disease.

Also, nighttime football can return to all parts of the county, as long as the area is sprayed with insect repellant beforehand.