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City humbly thanks King for truck

Boxing promoter Don King bowed his head in prayer for the invocation and placed his hand over his heart for the Pledge of Allegiance.

He sat through a five-minute community improvements video and then applauded when the mayor commended a local jeweler for organizing a charity road race.

Seems even a donation of $326,000 for a new fire engine won't win you a spot at the top of the Deerfield Beach City Commission agenda.

Still, agenda item D-4 _ the honoring of King and his wife, Henrietta _ was clearly the highlight of the meeting.

"This is what America is all about," said King, who opened a $2.1-million office for his company headquarters in Deerfield Beach in March.

King offered to replace the city's newest truck, which was destroyed Oct. 11 when it was struck by a Corvette. The truck had been parked on an interstate median so firefighters could assist a motorist.

"I have a fondness for firetrucks because they save people's lives," King told the commission.

The lime-green truck, which contains advanced life-support equipment, should be delivered within 120 days, fire Chief Gary Lother said.

"I'm still a little bit numb about this," Lother said.

Business went on at the commission meeting, in spite of the hoopla.

Jim Dunn was recognized for organizing a road race that raised $111,000 for a new Boys and Girls Club. But he said he had ulterior motives for showing up at the meeting.

"I came here hopefully so I could be Don King's jeweler," Dunn said, "but I couldn't even sneak him a card yet."