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First volunteer team completes disaster training

The city has completed training for its first neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team, a group from the Old Harbor Place subdivision that has gone through training to be a sort of post-disaster neighborhood watch.

The teams, which the city hopes to establish in several neighborhoods, would help after a disaster if emergency crews were not immediately available.

Twenty-one volunteers spent six weeks taking courses on basic medical care, assigning treatment priority for the injured, helping people cope with disaster and dealing with gas leaks and hazardous materials.

Beautification project may be expanded

SAFETY HARBOR _ The city may expand its beautification of Main Street north on Philippe Parkway for about 400 feet.

The county has approved a block grant of up to $100,000 for the project on the west side of the street. The east side is privately owned.

City Manager Steve Wylie said he did not think the project would cost $100,000. It will include landscaping, decorative lighting, benches and sidewalk improvements.