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Police to question 40,000 in Diana case

Published Oct. 2, 2005

French police decided Tuesday to question the owners of 40,000 Fiat Unos, one of which could be the car that may have brushed Princess Diana's Mercedes before it crashed.

A police lab has determined white paint chips found on the Mercedes came from a Fiat Uno, and the vehicles under study correspond to the model the Italian carmaker produced between 1983 and 1987, police said.

It will take at least several weeks to question the owners of the cars _ and even then police are not sure that they will come up with the right car. The 40,000 Fiat Unos under investigation are registered throughout France.

Diana, her companion, Dodi Fayed, and their driver were killed in the Aug. 31 crash.

Montserrat warns people

to leave volcano risk area

SALEM, Montserrat _ The British governor on Tuesday gave islanders living in a danger zone three days to leave, saying Montserrat's volcano is threatening its biggest eruption yet.

"I am determined that the volcano should not be allowed to claim another life," Gov. Anthony Abbott said amid accusations that British inaction led to the deaths of 19 people in an eruption this year.

Abbott gave an estimated 100 residents of the west coast towns of Salem, Frith's, Fleming and Old Towne until Thursday night to go to evacuation centers.

Richard Luckett, a British seismologist, said there was no new threat from the Soufriere Hills volcano, though a major explosion remains "a very real worry."

Abbott said: "An explosion two or three times larger than anything we have seen to date is quite possible."

Since the volcano roared to life in 1995, most of the 11,000 islanders have left.

U.S. tightens sanctions

on Sudan, citing terrorism

WASHINGTON _ Secretary of State Madeleine Albright announced Tuesday that the United States is tightening sanctions against Sudan, citing the African nation's involvement in international terror and its "abysmal record" on human rights.

Measures against Sudan already restrict U.S. exports, control some incoming financial transactions from the Sudanese government and limit visa issuance to Sudanese officials. The new measures make the ban on exports comprehensive, impose a total ban on imports from Sudan and prohibit U.S. investment in Sudan.

The sanctions do not affect U.S. humanitarian activities in Sudan. These programs have totaled about $650-million since 1988.

Papon says he kept post

during war to assist Jews

BORDEAUX, France _ Maurice Papon insisted Tuesday that he never believed in the pro-Nazi Vichy regime and kept his wartime jobs only to help the Jews.

"There were two ways to go: resigning, or fighting on the battlefield that was imposing our destiny on us," the former Vichy official said. "Resigning was easier, it was deserting, it was allowing the Jews to be deported without putting up a fight."

Papon, 87, a former Cabinet minister, is charged with signing arrest orders that led to the deportation of 1,690 Jews, including 223 children, from Bordeaux when he was a police supervisor.

Attempting to refute accusations by prosecutor Marc Robert that he enjoyed considerable power under the Vichy government, Papon described himself as "a low-level functionary" who was "disgusted" by the October 1940 anti-Jewish laws that the Vichy regime adopted.

Comparing himself to Jean-Paul Sartre's hero in The Dirty Hands, Papon said he chose to subvert the enemy on home soil.

Elsewhere Tuesday . . .

AMMAN, Jordan _ Tribal leaders loyal to King Hussein took an early lead in parliamentary elections marred by the lowest turnout ever, 39 percent, and a boycott by the main opposition Islamic party. Full results are expected today.

ARLINGTON, Va. _ U.S.-sponsored peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis opened here in an effort to end an eight-month negotiating deadlock.

PARIS _ With about 160 blockades in place, striking French truckers tied up commerce, choked off the fuel supply in many regions and blocked traffic through the Channel tunnel on the second full day of the walkout.