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Published Oct. 2, 2005

Question: I enjoy watching Frasier and especially John Mahoney, who plays the father. I was told that he's from Chicago and would love to know what neighborhood he was born in. I was raised in an area that had a lot of Mahoneys, all of whom were related to me. I would like to know if, perhaps, John Mahoney is a relative.

Answer: John Mahoney was born in England. As he told me once, "I worked very hard to get rid of my English accent because I realized I might not be offered too many roles that require it."

Mahoney's Chicago "roots" go back to his first appearance on a Chicago stage. Like Dennis Franz and Gary Cole, both of whom come out of the Chicago theater tradition, Mahoney returns to the Windy City to do a play whenever time allows.

Question: I was told there's a reason the character Jane Curtin plays on Third Rock From the Sun is named Mary. Since my name is Mary, I would like to know what this reason might be.

Answer: John Lithgow, who helped create the series, says he used his wife's name for the character.

Incidentally, like Curtin's character, Mary Lithgow is also a university professor.

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