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As evidence of St. Petersburg's boom era, we offer the Times of Nov. 5, 1925 _ 64 pages full, on a Thursday.

There was news to tell:

+ The city's religious community raised $1,800 to sustain a legal fight against the exhibition of Sunday motion pictures.

+ The stock market enjoyed its biggest day in 10 years.

+ The circus was coming to town courtesy of the Ku Klux Klan. "The performance is on the order of a hippodromatic production, no wild animals being and no freaks exhibited," said the short story. Hundreds of Klansmen were expected to march principal downtown streets "in the white regalia of the order."

+ The banner headline of the sports section proclaimed: "GREEN DEVILS WILL PLAY UNKNOWN FOE IN GAME SATURDAY." The high school football team was one of the best in Florida.

But most of all in that day's paper there were ads, as neighborhoods were rising from the sandy soil.

Pasadena Estates, Pinellas Point, Shore Acres, Seminole, Lakewood Estates, Rio Vista and the Jungle. There were personalities behind these developments such as Walter P. Fuller and Handsome Jack Taylor.

Said one advertisement about a Murok Realty addition to Pinellas Point: "Its winding through the Mound section will blend with their warm, red coloration into the inimitable green of the pines." These days, they call them Pink Streets.