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County okays $5,000 raise for administrator

He takes his marching orders from members of Hillsborough's County Commission, but County Administrator Dan Kleman's annual salary is now nearly twice what each commissioner makes.

The commission approved a 4 percent raise for Kleman Wednesday, increasing his salary to $123,450 from $118,450. That raise comes on top of a 3 percent boost the commission approved for Kleman last year.

Kleman's raise covers his most recent review period, Oct. 1, 1995, through Sept. 30, 1996. His job performance will be reviewed again in January, and that review will cover the period from Oct. 1, 1996, through Sept. 30 of this year.

Kleman, who has worked for Hillsborough for three years since leaving his job as city manager of Tallahassee, thanked the commission for the "confidence you've shown in me."

That confidence, commissioners said, is well-earned.

The commission's most recent review of Kleman listed 29 accomplishments, including his work for the successful passage of the Com-munity Investment Tax, his negotiations with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on a new football stadium and what commissioners view as the successful conclusion of negotiations with unionized county employees.

"I know Mr. Kleman had put in 15, 20 hours a day, and I was very impressed that when I wanted calls back at midnight, he would call," Commissioner Jim Norman said.

Kleman's review does list five "disappointments," including problems with a health care pharmaceutical contract.

But commissioners acknowledged that they are not the easiest bosses to work for.

"It's not easy to please seven bosses at one time, especially when we have such differing views," Chairwoman Dottie Berger said. "I think you've handled that commendably, and I hope you stay on for a long, long time."