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Published Oct. 2, 2005

CSMS HONOR ROLL: Citrus Springs Middle School announces its all-A honor roll for the first grading period. Sixth grade _ Alison Austin, Eva Bellon, Dara Dean, Mitchell Deardorff, Tana Dennis, Kellie McKinley, Thomas Yates. Seventh grade _ Melissa Abbott, Donald Eden, Robert Kellner, Cortney Stewart, Crystal Willis, Daniel Willis. Eighth grade _ Jon Chrystie, Alissa Frost, Michael Garry, Angel Hallal, Chad Humphrey, Cody Jackson, Amanda Lewis, Gina Neshewat, Rebecca Thielemann, Natalia Trush, Yvonne Wellman, Chester Wheeler.

FCE HONOR ROLL: Floral City Elementary School announces its all-A honor roll for the first grading period. Fifth grade _ Cody Fergerson, Kimmie Gemkow, Thomas Holland, Coy Lane, Rebekah Meahl, David Williams.

IMS HONOR ROLL: Inverness Middle School announces its all-A honor roll for the first grading period. Sixth grade: Trisha Adair, Brittany Adkisson, Cara Bryant, Joshua Doerr, Jessica Ferguson, Stephanie Flory, Simon Geisler, James Gonzalez, Meagan Grimes, Kevin Hanlon, Donielle Harrelson, Brandon Hunt, Kandice Jonas, Ryan Kirby, Kristin Klauder, Courtney Longacre, Amy Losciale, Ashley Mekelburg, Sean Moore, Garrett Neal, Marli Nott, Sharlene O'Donnell, Vicki Oehm, Laura Lee Ritchie, Mary Roberts, Jesse Rouse, Sarah Salozzo, Sabrina Smith, Michael Spilios, Kristin Sutliff, Michael Tansey, Karrie Thompson, Kellie Thompson, Donnelly Van Sickle, Janelle Walker, Chad Webb, Derrick Witherspoon. Seventh grade: Brandy Aston, Prakash Balakrishnan, Tiffany Ball, Andrea Burke, Desmond Cabrera, Laura Concidine, Tina Gurnani, Megan Hunt, Lydia Johnson, Christina Kimball, Elizabeth Hartin, Christina Mtichell, Michael Piccione, Megan Pullen, Megan Rall, Sean Sellars, Brian Spellicy, Ranson Thomas, Brittany Vitter, Stephanie Wyka. Eighth grade: Jessica Baum, Christine Berry, Vanessa Brooks, Matthew Cino, Christina Fields, Michael Fitzpatrick, Nicole Hancock, Kelly Hanlon, Jessica Jarvis, Laurie Kusmaul, Rachel Landau, Justin Sanchez, Julie Scarano, Cynthia Trespalacios, Jaime Warner, Glenda Weeks, Kelly Wranovics.

IPS HONOR ROLL: Inverness Primary School announces its all-A honor roll for the first grading period. Fourth grade _ Erin Arpke, Courtney Bass, Julie Catucci, Melissa Connell, Bradley Davies, Christopher Galloway, Sweta Gurnani, Jessie Jurik, Kyle Klauder, Danielle Nank, Mandy Smith, Shakiera Taylor, Alex Yawn. Fifth grade _ Jared Affleck, Asha Balakrishnan, Ashley Bigge, D.J.Carella, Mallory Felton, Laurel Furbish, Julia Geisler, Stephania Jarvis, Brad Lattin, Charlie Osterhout, Ariana Santiago, Ozette Thomas, Whitney Walker, Patrick Waugaman.

LMS HONOR ROLL: Lecanto Middle School announces its honor roll for the first grading period. Sixth grade _ Zubair Ansari, Lisa Arnold, Alexander Barry, Sireesha Bellam, Korey Hite, Patricia Keen, Niraj Nathan, Christy Parker, Amanda Pearcy, Sarah Poth, Justin Quinn, Avash Rao, Angela Ringgenberg, Bradley Ruben, Nisha Shah, Cody Shults, Eric Slusser, Ashley Stewart, James Turner. Seventh grade _ Megan Albright, Ryan Bishara, Arianne Jendro, Cory Keller, Shaun Kline, Kathryn McMahon, Hallie Potter, Nicholas Zamboli. Eighth grade _ Rushil Rao.

NTCS HONOR ROLL: New Testament Christian School announces it principal's honor roll (all A's) for the first grading period. Sixth grade _ Becca Ellingham. Eighth grade _ Meaggen Anderson, Nicole Sherman. Tenth grade _ Courtney Crews. Twelfth grade _ Vicki Nwelati, Amy Styf, Beth Styf.

PGE HONOR ROLL: Pleasant Grove Elementary School announces its all A honor roll for the first grading period. Fourth grade: Nicole Beleck, Katie Bombly, Joey Brandon, Magan Cronin, Derek DeSomma, Alexis Garcia, Brittany Hutman, Kayla Losciale, Kristen Pepe, Brittney Rhinesmith, Michael Winder. Fifth grade: Nikki Baker, Zachary Banks, Jessica Brown, Katie Bywater, Justin Cretty, Eric Dickerson, Amanda Garcia, Joshua Goggins, Jade Johnson, Marissa Johnson, Ross Locke, Michael Manos, Joey Peters, Tim Redlin, Nicole Roberts, Kelly Rodgers, Justine Rooks, Kevin Spellicy, Jessica Urello, DeWayne Watts, Daniel Wyka.

IMS STUDENT ADDRESSES PGE HONOR ROLL BREAKFAST: Brittany Godwin, a sixth-grader at Inverness Middle School, returned to Pleasant Grove Elementary to address the students at the honor roll breakfast. Here is her speech:

First, I would like to thank Mrs. Jablonskis and Mrs. Mainor for inviting me to your special day and honor roll breakfast. I say "your day" because it is your hard work and pride in yourself that enables you to be a part of this ceremony.

I can hardly believe one fourth of this year is already gone. I was soooo excited to start middle school because PGE gave me something very special to take with me. This school is giving that same gift to you everyday and I bet you don't even know it! Can you guess what it is? From the time you enter the front doors of PGE until you graduate _ what are you being called? SHINING STARS! Yes, we are all stars. My star is made up of four important parts. After today you may look at yourself and never think of stars the same way again.

S is for strive. For me striving was not always easy. There were times I had to work really hard to accomplish what I set out to do. But it did teach me that anything can be done if you work hard at it.

T is for trust. We must trust our parents and our teachers. Every day teachers stand up in front of us and try to make us see that knowledge is the key to the future. Our parents, through love and wisdom, try to prepare us for what we must face out in the world. Maybe we won't understand how tough their jobs are until we become parents and teachers one day.

A is to appreciate. You should appreciate the qualities and gifts that make you. . . . YOU! How about swimming or playing sports well? Some of you can sing or play an instrument. Maybe you like to read or write stories. The list can go on and on. Those are gifts _ they're your gifts. Keep working on them because you never know where they will take you in life.

And then there is R. It means a lot to me because it stands for "reach for your dream." If you talk to the most successful people in the world, every one of them would tell you never to give up on a dream. As the world gets tougher we need more and more reasons to look up to bright stars. I promise you . . . if you strive to do you best, trust your parents and teachers, appreciate your gifts and reach for your dreams, the only thing left for success is SHINE.