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Report: Brewers move to NL Central

The Milwaukee Brewers, as expected, are moving to the National League, the New York Times reported.

Major League Baseball's executive council made that move official Wednesday by voting unanimously to make the Brewers the National League's 16th team for next season.

No announcement was made, but the council informed the clubs of its action, the Times reported.

The Brewers, who have played in the American League since 1970, will become the sixth team in the NL Central Division, joining Houston, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cincinnati and the Chicago Cubs.

The West and East divisions each will have five teams.

The Brewers' move will trigger two other changes: the Detroit Tigers going from the AL East to the AL Central, taking the Brewers' spot, and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays from the AL West to the AL East.

Once it was decided that only one team would change leagues, the Kansas City Royals were given first choice to be that team.

Earlier in the year the Royals had wanted to move to the NL Central to create a rivalry with the Cardinals, but they were apparently willing to make that switch only in the context of a radical realignment that David Glass, the club's chairman, had proposed.

Although there appeared to be a division of opinion among club officials, the Royals said more recently that their fans preferred that they remain in the AL.