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Boca Ciega big in opener

Published Oct. 2, 2005

Late in Thursday night's Seminole-Boca Ciega matchup, the clock-keeper had a slight problem.

The ticker in the Warhawks' gymnasium only provides for double-digit scores, and with two minutes left, the Pirates led 95-38. Boca Ciega still had a couple of starters on the court, so the game wasn't slowing down any.

A neighborly scorekeeper told the clock-person to start over from zero if the score eclipsed 99.

Good idea. That was the only way the Warhawks could have ever felt they had a chance in this game.

The ticker never turned over, but the Pirates lambasted the Warhawks, anyway, 95-41.

"There's no substitute at all for speed," Seminole coach Tom Anderson said. "They had it, we didn't. They also had height, shooters. "

About everything they needed for a runaway.

Seminole did hold a lead for about 10 seconds when Kelly McGuire scored two of her team-high 15 points to open the game. But after the opening minute, the Warhawks struggled to just keep pace.

While the Pirates' 6-foot-2 towers Tia Miller (12 points) and Alison Lamb (nine) controlled the post, Amanda Pryor (23) and Aimee Sotenkamp (22) kept pace from the outside, hitting from virtually everywhere on the floor.

Quick-footed freshman Tara Fogel made a statement early, scoring all eight of her points in the first quarter and showing a talent finishing off at the hoop.

"Tara's impressed me," Pirates coach Harry Elifson said. "And I've been pleased with our senior leadership.

"We're only going to get better."