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Planning can help ease parking problems

When a small town like Old Homosassa welcomes about 48,000 people over the weekend, some parking problems are bound to arise. But with a little planning and local know-how, visitors to the 23rd Annual Homosassa Arts, Crafts & Seafood Festival can overcome the obstacle.

General admission parking is available at two large lots, one behind the Homosassa Elementary School on W Yulee Drive, and a second one on Willard Avenue, across the street from the school. Price for parking at these lots is $2.

"We have plenty of parking. There are few complaints," said Arch Abernathy, publicist for the festival, which is sponsored by the Homosassa Civic Club and the Citrus Times.

Organizers this year are once again offering the shuttle boat rides across the river from K.C. Crumps Restaurant, which did alleviate parking shortages by allowing parking on its overflow lots. Cost is $1. Some may find private parking on lawns of Homosassa residents. For a price, usually $2 to $5, people will allow parking on their front lawns. The private parking areas will be marked with signs, and people are usually monitoring these areas.

Do not park on private property without getting permission first, however.

Another way to beat the parking crunch is to go during off-peak hours. Getting there early in the morning or late in the afternoon will still allow ample time for viewing the art and eating seafood. Peak hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.