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Question: I saw a type of dog on the Leeza show called tiny munchkins. Where can I find these?

Answer: It appears that you're referring to the toy munchkin, a new and controversial breed that sells for $2,000 each. A Columbus, Ga., breeder claims to be the exclusive source for the dogs, and you can write to it at TDR Toy Munchkins, Box 986, Columbus, GA 31902-0986.

However, neither the American Rare Breed Association nor the American Kennel Club officially recognizes the breed. "The breeder involved in the publicity for the toy munchkin says that they are unwilling to provide the paperwork in reference to the lineage," said Robert Slack, show director of the American Rare Breed Association. TDR Toy Munchkins did not return calls regarding the breed.

The toy munchkin weighs around 4.5 pounds at adulthood and usually has a lion-type cut done to its hair. For information on recognized breeds, write to the American Rare Breed Association, 9921 Frank Tippett Road, Cheltenham, MD 20623.

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