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Airline investigating sabotage newsletter

British Airways Plc said it is investigating a newsletter distributed by disgruntled staff members who urged crew to poison pilots and spill coffee on controls, among other things, to sabotage the airline.

The leaflet, titled "Chaos," has been circulating within the airline in recent months, according to a British Airways statement. It comes in the wake of a bitter three-day strike by cabin crew in July, followed by a series of unofficial walkouts, that forced the airline to cancel flights.

The British Airways statement called the newsletter "unpleasant and irresponsible," dismissing it as a "juvenile" attempt at a joke. The airline, Europe's biggest, said the newsletter doesn't pose a threat to safety.

The Daily Mirror, a British tabloid newspaper, first printed excerpts of the newsletter in Friday's edition. The excerpts said staff could disrupt British Airways' operations, winning extra overtime, if they poisoned pilots before flights, tossed feathers into engines during inspections and used remote control devices from children's cars to play havoc with aircraft avionics.

The strike cost British Airways $205-million and helped force its second-quarter profit down 44 percent. The dispute was officially resolved this week, after the airline's largest cabin crew union accepted a pay package offering lower rates for new employees.

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