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Contracts put Oldsmar on road to smoother driving

Published Mar. 12, 1998|Updated Sep. 12, 2005

March 7, 1924 - Improvements are slated to start soon on LaFayette Boulevard and other drives. Capt. L.J. Erler of Erler Construction Co. of Tampa recently announced that contracts with Oldsmar Land Development Co. have been signed. Up until now, engineers have been laying out the various streets and drives. The surfacing and paving can start immediately with a 5-inch base of compact rock and a top dressing of tarvia and Alabama slag. Other improvements include concrete sidewalks and gutters and the construction of parking in the center of the drives and boulevards.

March 1, 1940 Garbo or ghost?

TARPON SPRINGS _ Could that attractive visitor to the Sponge Docks been the Greta Garbo? The woman wore dark blue slacks, a yellow sweater, sandals, a fisherman's hat, and was escorted by two male companions. The visitors stopped by a local curio shop run by Mrs. Costas Gianeskis and her daughters. Helen Gianeskis was the only family member present when the guests arrived. When she asked the woman if she was indeed the screen star, the woman and men hurried out, got in their car, and drove away. Witnesses were "positive" it was Garbo and remarked that the woman wore dark glasses like the actress' familiar disguise.

March 8, 1940 Two shortstops not too many

CLEARWATER _ Leo Durocher, the Brooklyn Dodgers' shortstop, could be said to be the best in baseball. So why does the team need another man in that position? Manager Leo Durocher will discover at some point that Shortstop Leo Durocher has reached a point where the spirit is willing, but the legs are weak. Also Pee-Wee Reese, the new shortstop in question, is a good prospect. The rookie will still play second to Durocher this year, but keep an eye on the 20-year-old. Reese has an uncanny instinct as to where to play for the hitters.

March 10, 1940 Tipsy drivers beware, tests await

CLEARWATER _ In response to recommendations from a grand jury, police Chief Joe Russell said March 9 that all drivers suspected of driving while intoxicated will be put through a series of six tests. Most notable is the balloon test where the suspect blows into a balloon which is then placed over a glass tube filled with chemicals. Moisture that drips from the balloon colors the chemicals if the breath contains substantial amounts of alcohol. Other tests include the suspect picking up a dime from the floor without moving his feet, touching his nose with his fingers while his arms are outstretched, and saying "Methodist Episcopal church."

March 13, 1959 Firetruck changes hands

SAFETY HARBOR _ In a move that has upset area volunteer firemen, Safety Harbor city manager Charles Tucker recently accepted a 35-year-old ladder truck from Clearwater. That City Commission purchased a new automatic aerial ladder truck and felt the antique was a burden to maintain. Tucker doesn't expect the volunteers to use the truck, but thinks other equipment on the 40-foot truck may prove handy.

March 11, 1965 SPJC engulfs Gibbs campus

CLEARWATER _ As of March 10, the Gibbs Junior College campus is a permanent part of the St. Petersburg Junior College extended campus. The Pinellas County School Board has decided that Pinellas County buses will not transport out-of-county students to Gibbs. Officials estimate that fewer teachers will be needed due to a drop in students from the discontinuation of busing. They plan to retain 35 teachers and hire more as needed.

March 10, 1979 Female reporter visits locker room

CLEARWATER _ Due to a recent court decision, the Philadelphia Phillies decided to give female reporters the same access to their locker rooms as male reporters have. St. Petersburg Times staff writer Verenda Smith was the first female reporter in the area to take the team up on the offer. Smith, who describes herself as "a chicken, far from a militant female," recently joined male reporters for an unofficial visit with Pete Rose in the Carpenter Complex locker room.

Ruly Carpenter, the president of the Phillies, took the opportunity to speak about the recent court ruling. "It's inevitable, the way the courts have ruled. I am opposed to it in every way, shape and form, but I just don't want to lose a lot of money defending a position I'm going to lose in court."

Players, coaches, and fans are concerned how the players and female reporters will react to male nudity in the locker rooms.

And in the end, the question of male nudity in the locker room comes down to a simple answer. Smith says, when a reporter is under the pressure to make a deadline and a player or coach has something to say about a game, it doesn't matter what he is or is not wearing. All that matters is the story, not voyeurism.

_ Compiled by Stephanie Gonzales. If you have a question or an idea that you would like to us to look into, write to Stephanie Gonzales at 710 Court St., Clearwater, FL, 33756, or call 445-4176.

Headlines through the years

A look back at the events, people and places that made North Pinellas the unique place that it is. The information and photographs are compiled from past editions of the St. Petersburg Times.

DEC. 24, 1972: Approximately 200 people took part in a Christmas Eve peace vigil on the steps of Clearwater's City Hall to hear a series of speakers assail the U.S. bombing of North Vietnam. The vigil was billed as a meeting of a "non-denom-

inational, non-partisan group of concerned citizens of Pinellas County."


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