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$66-million in drainage projects to fight flooding

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It was raining, it was pouring, and no thanks to El Nino, it was flooding.

And while the record rains may be behind us, reminders of the water damages still remain.

Rather than wait for the problems to worsen, the County Commission agreed last week to a three-year, $66-million plan that would pay for stormwater drainage work in some of the areas worst hit by heavy rain. About $15-million of the plan will be slotted for new neighborhood projects that range from retention ponds to drains and ditches.

The rest of the money will be spent on changing building codes to prevent flooding and improving existing drainage systems.

Commissioners have promised not to raise taxes to foot the bill, and they have pledged to complete the work in the next three years.

These are some of the new projects planned in northern Hillsborough:

Duck Pond, Phase III: Construct drainage system to carry stormwater to proposed 6- by 8-foot culvert, or pipe, along 15th Street.

Casey Road: a stormwater collection system for the stretch from Lowell Road to Gunn Highway.

148th Avenue and 20th Street Outfall: Upgrade existing driveway storm sewers called cross drains; acquire land for retention and detention and treatment.

Carrollwood Village near S Dale Mabry Highway: Install easement from golf course and enlarge the outfall, or drainage relief pipe.

58th Street and 122nd Avenue: Acquire land to construct a retention/detention area to store and treat runoff for the entire neighborhood; destroy older rental units if necessary; upgrade the existing stormwater infrastructure along 58th Street, 59th Street, 127th Avenue, 122nd Avenue, Touchton Drive and other areas east of 56th Street.

131st Avenue: Acquire land on the northeast corner of 131st Avenue and 25th Street and build a retention pond; construct an enclosed storm sewer system along 131st Avenue to include intersection improvements at 22nd Street, Leisurewood Place, 23rd Street, 25th Street and Livingston Avenue.

Carrollwood West Outfall: Provide another relief pipe to the west and improve the Lowell Road crossing and cross drain at Bellefield Drive.

132nd and Taliaferro Avenue: Federal Emergency Management Agency to buy 10 to 12 homes that flood on a regular basis. The county will demolish them.

Oregon Avenue north of Pine Lake Drive: Upgrade existing side drains and roadway pipes along N Oregon and Curve Road.

N Rome Avenue: Replace existing storm sewer pipe.

Irene Street, University of South Florida area: Construct a series of DBIs, or concrete boxes for stormwater collection, along Irene Street with cross drains under the road at the lowest point.

Livingston Avenue at Bulrush Avenue: Lutz area, construct new roadway pipes under Livingston Avenue.

Sagebrush Road, Lake Heather area: Replace and upgrade under-drain along both sides of Sagebrush Road and Saddlebrook Avenue.

North Boulevard and Justice Drive: Construct culvert to tie into the existing street gutter inlet on the northeast corner of Justice Drive and North Boulevard.

North Boulevard: Construct storm sewer system along the west side of North Boulevard and connect to Fletcher Avenue system.

Victarra Circle under-drain, Lutz: Groundwater infiltration into road base, gutters, yards.

145th Avenue: Replace existing system, upgrade downstream outfall across junk yard.

Howard Lane, Lake Carroll area: Collect and discharge runoff from north of Howard Lane and install side drains.

Sinclair Hills Road, East Carrollwood: East Carrollwood Construct outfall system.

Summit Street, Lake Magdalene: Construct side drains to south into a lake.

Lake Ellen Outfall: Replace drainage relief system with storm sewer pipe.

Lake Ellen Lane: Install DBI on north and south sides of Lake Ellen Lane.

Jean Park, Cedar Lake: Replace metal pipe risers and weirs, or horizontal dams, with permanent concrete weirs with fish barriers; replace existing pipes connecting the park ponds into the Cedar Lake system.

148th Avenue/Ranch Lake Circle: Upgrade existing driveway culverts to at least minimum size.

Lakeside Drive, Odessa: Install park and storm drainage for eastern and western roads.

Arkwright Drive, USF Area: Upgrade lift station to a larger size.

Woodleigh Avenue Outfall, Lake Magdalene: Construct outfall.

Shadberry Drive, Plantation: Replace falling cross drains.

Crooked Lane, Lutz: Crystal Lake area, obtain easement to Lake Cooper, replace roadway pipe and construct new roadway pipe at Lake Fuller.

Swan Lake: Construct lift station, force main and discharge into Windemere Phase II system.

Granddaddy Lane, Lutz: Construct ditch and culvert system to drain into Brushy Creek or Lake Charles.

Four Oaks Road: Construct a roadway pipe with concrete box for stormwater collection at southeast corner of Four Oaks and Adams Street

Wildwood Street, East Carrollwood: Construct a DBI and drain pipe to pond.

Northwood Village, Lake Magdalene: Provide an outfall or bleeder to Bearss Avenue curb inlet.

Deer Lake Road, Lutz:: Construct swale, or ditch, to drain west to a swamp pond.

Ola Avenue south of 13th Street: Install new culverts across 127th, 128th, 129th and 130th avenues; clean and reslope ditch on west side of Ola Avenue to allow water flow south to Curiosity Creek.