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City offers summer internships

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Calling on young people to participate in government, Mayor David Fischer last week announced the city is kicking off its seventh annual summer internship program.

About 200 young people, ages 14 to 23, will work in various city departments from June 15 to Aug. 7. Prospective interns must be city residents who come from low- to moderate-income families.

"These kinds of career opportunities are just what they need," said St. Petersburg City Council Chairwoman Bea Griswold. "Something that will guide their future."

Prospective interns must fill out an application, which will be reviewed by counselors at Career Options of Pinellas Inc. The interns work in all aspects of government, including marketing, recreation and engineering.

The program began in 1992. Since then, the city has spent $1.7-million to give about 1,400 young people summer jobs.

What makes the program a success is that career counselors work with the interns through the summer to make sure they are comfortable in their jobs and are learning from them.

"Any young person can be successful in this program because we spend the time with them to explain to them what their responsibilities are as an employee," said Michael Delay, program coordinator for Career Options.

For information and applications, call Career Options at 524-4404 or stop by the office at 3251 Third Ave. N. Private-sector employers interested in offering summer internships also can call Career Options.