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Daytona shooting caught on video

A videotape of a shooting during the Black College Reunion last weekend shows that police did not draw their guns first and that a man who opened fire in the crowd broke free from police after a bystander hit an officer with a bottle.

The videotape made public Friday was shot by a college student and turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Four officers were wounded in the shooting before the gunman was shot and killed.

The tape shows a hostile crowd gathered around police as they tried to arrest Brian Wilson, 28, of Orlando. Police were called to the scene after a report that Wilson was brandishing a gun on the street.

Bystanders can be heard taunting the officers, daring them to hit Wilson while the camera is rolling. Twice on the two-minute tape, beer bottles are thrown at police.

"Why are you doing that to a black man?" one woman can be heard yelling. "Because he has a pistol, man," a man from the crowd answers her.

The video also shows police did not pull their guns on Wilson first.

Two Florida Highway Patrol officers and four Daytona Beach police officers grabbed Wilson and held him face down on the ground but were unable to handcuff him as he struggled.

When the second beer bottle thrown from the crowd hit a police officer on the back, the officer walked toward the crowd with his baton, forcing them to retreat a few feet.

The tape shows Wilson used the distraction to break free. Officers tackled him again, but as they did, Wilson reached into his front pocket for his handgun.

Wilson can be seen for a split second with the gun in his hand, and then numerous gunshots are heard as the tape turns to static.

Four officers were shot and injured, a bystander was injured, and police killed Wilson.

Daytona Beach police Chief Kenneth Small said the videotape defends the officers in the shooting.

"It clearly shows in the moments leading up to the shooting that our officers conducted themselves very professionally," Small said. "The officers were restrained in dealing with the suspect as a large and belligerent crowd gathered."