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Mayor denies speed trap in Tampashores

Headlines through the years

A look back at the events, people and places that made North Pinellas the unique place that it is. The information and photographs are compiled from past editions of the St. Petersburg Times.

April 29, 1931

CLEARWATER _ Mayor J.B. Broadwater issued a statement to the Clearwater Motor Club denying that a speed trap was in operation in the town of Tampashores, now the Oldsmar area. He denied that motorists were being arrested for speeding without sufficient reason. Broadwater said that in the previous five months, only 24 people had been arrested, including 12 people for speeding, three for reckless driving, six for driving while intoxicated and three for being plain drunk.

May 2, 1938 Night tennis now available

TARPON SPRINGS _ Tennis fanatics can now play at night at the city park and playground. New coin-operated light meters were installed at the tennis courts. Cost is 10 cents for 20 minutes of light.

April 27, 1949 Vaudeville act entertains veterans

BAY PINES _ Vaudeville is back and is on the hospital circuit. The Veterans Hospital Camp Shows presents "Vaudeville on Parade" at VA Medical Center at Bay Pines. Veterans are entertained by six acts of song, dance, ventriloquism, acrobatics and comedy. The evening in Wards B and H begins with the music of Henry Van's "pit" band. Roy Smeck, "Wizard of the Strings," performs on the banjo, Hawaiian guitar and ukulele. Other acts include Ray Walters, ventriloquist; The Three Rays, a comedy knockabout team; and the Henry Van Quartet, instrumentalists.

May 1, 1949 Ozona Shores to open soon

OZONA SHORES _ A.W. Baylis, a Tampa equipment dealer turned developer, plans to open Ozona Shores, a 110-acre area on the Gulf Coast between Dunedin and Tarpon Springs. It is immediately south of the commercial fishing village of Ozona.

Baylis says that the development will be geared to home buyers of moderate incomes. Roads are already in place and water service is nearing completion. Eventually, Ozona Shores will open both sides of a harbor-like inlet to buyers after filling and dredging operations are complete. Baylis plans to construct a home for himself on a gulf beach lot in the part of the development that will open first.

April 29, 1960 Safety Harbor vulnerable to disease

SAFETY HARBOR _ Typhoid, dysentery and other contagious diseases may lurk in Safety Harbor's future, a county health official warned. George R. McCall, associate chief sanitarian of Pinellas County Health Department, recently headed a team of sanitation personnel in an investigative survey of the city. Three conditions are necessary to transmit the diseases: a source of the infectious organism, a means of transfer and a susceptible source of the infectious organism. McCall noted that these conditions are present in the densely populated areas of Safety Harbor, which depends upon septic tanks.

City officials asked for the study after two cases of suspected typhoid were reported in an area near Safety Harbor. The survey points out that conditions exist in the city to foster typhoid. More than 23 septic tanks failed to operate and overflowed during the recent flooding. Investigators noted the septic tanks have failed during extended periods of rainy weather, even when flooding was not a concern.

McCall said disinfecting an area as large as Safety Harbor is impractical. The survey emphasized that installation of surface drainage facilities will not be sufficient to alleviate this health hazard. Health officials noted that from the standpoint of disease, septic tank effluent has been shown to be just as dangerous as raw sewage.

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