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Movie glamor at the prom

If you'd like a really Titanic gown for a prom or wedding, the good news is that a period clothier in Virginia can make them. The bad news is that Jennie Chancey of Sense and Sensibility Clothing isn't making any more. She agreed to re-create two of the evening gowns worn by Kate Winslet for two Alabama prom teens. Chancey kept costs down by substituting silk taffeta for dupioni silk, and she used lace overlay and beaded fringe for the trim. Each girl sank about $500 into the dress.

UNCOMFORTABLE MEMORIES: For baby boomers, it may be a Nehru jacket or anything in polyester. But if you're a Generation Xer, the fashion skeleton in the back of your closet is likely to be some Flash Dance leg warmers, or Robin Williams rainbow suspenders, or an Olivia Newton John headband, says Swing magazine.

UNUSUAL SUNDAY SUIT: If you're going to attend the service at Lake Wawasee, Ind., wear your Sunday best . . . swimsuit. For 28 years, the Rev. Harlan Steffen has conducted "Boat-in Worship" services for summer boaters. His pulpit is a pontoon boat, and the pews are the boats anchored around him, Boating magazine says. Instead of passing around a basket, offerings are collected in long-handled fishing nets.

A NEW ARENA: If you can't skate like an Olympic gold medalist, now you can smell like one. Ekaterina Gordeeva and Target Stores have come out with a new line of perfumes and creams called Katia. Gordeeva, who with her late husband, Sergei Grinkov, won two Olympic gold medals in pairs figure skating, said of her new perfume: "I wanted to make sure it would be a fragrance I'd love to wear." The cologne's bottle is an abstract interpretation of a skater in a spin.