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Sabres assess damage

Sabres forward Rob Ray tore up a curtain leading to the dressing room, broke his stick against a locker-room wall, kicked a hole in an electric fan and smashed a water cooler after being ejected from a 3-2 loss at Philadelphia on Friday. Teammate Matthew Barnaby broke a telephone in the penalty box.

Corestates Center officials were adding up the damages.

"We'll find out when we get the bill for it," Ray said. "Our playoff bonuses will probably be signed over and sent back to Philly. Ah, well, it was worth it.

"You want me to tell you the truth? Sometimes, you come off the ice after something like that and you sit in the dressing room 10 or 15 minutes later saying, "What did just happen?' You don't even know."

The Sabres took a controversial penalty late in the third period when defenseman Alexei Zhitnik checked Eric Lindros into the Buffalo bench. Buffalo argued that Lindros took a dive.

The penalty led to a four-on-three situation and John LeClair's goal.

Ray and Barnaby's antics came after arguing with referee Stephen Walkom over another penalty.

Buffalo forward Vaclav Varada had 11 stitches on his face after separate hits from LeClair.

"It's a bad thing to say, but you want to try and hit the guy as hard as you can and put him out of the game or out of the series," Sabres defenseman Bob Boughner said. "You want to be clean, but that's what you're trying to do."