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Students earn media awards

Amateur filmmakers had a chance to shine at Pinellas County School's first educational media awards ceremony April 16.

Twenty-three trophies were presented to elementary, middle and high schools for outstanding student-produced videos, which were judged in eight categories: animation, comedy, documentary, drama, instructional, music, news and public service announcements.

First-place trophies were presented to the following schools:

Music: Largo High for My Heart is So Different by Sindia Garcia, Shane Ehrenkonig and Kara Finely, and to Maximo Elementary for The Drug Free Song by Mike Freda.

News: Frontier Elementary for FTV-News by Matthew Brown, Chad Geary, Robert Iannello, Gabrielle Mittleman, Sarah Entreken, Casie Goelz, Nicole Kueler and Caitlin Ruechel and Lakewood High for News Fast Forward Morning News Show by Nick Castaneda, Mike Ortlieb and Fast Forward staff.

Documentary: Dunedin Highland Middle for Titanic: Ship of Dreams by Tia Lawton; Perkins Elementary for The Writing and Art Show by Lilly Stone, Kristina Nemitz and Will Guensler; and Lakewood High for First Robotics Competition by Mike Ortlieb, Andrew Pierro, Brandon Schneberger and Shani Lodge.

Public service announcements: Perkins Elementary for Helmet Safety by PJ McKelvey, Matt Rogers and Will Guensler and Lakewood High for Aggressive Driving by Mike Ortlieb, Nick Castaneda and Andrew Pierro.

Comedy: Carwise Middle for The Guilt Trip by Jake Eberts, Megan Balmer and John Harter.

Drama: Countryside High for Undercover by Andrew Moore, Andrew Neill, Patrick Davidson, Mike Graff, Joe Perrin and Von Taylor.

Instructional: Countryside High for 911 Reduce the Abuse by Jordan Rosenberg, Andrew Moore and Amy Butler.

Animation: Lakewood High for Graphic Bumpers by Aaron Conover.

Second place trophies were awarded to McMullen-Booth Elementary and Countryside High for news; Ozona Elementary and Largo High for documentary; and Lakewood High for drama.

Third place winners were Frontier Elementary and Countryside High for news and Perkins Elementary for documentary.