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Volunteer wanted for transit authority board

Published Sep. 13, 2005

(ran EO edition)

Wanted: A north Pinellas County resident who not only likes to sit on a bus, but also on a board _ the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority Advisory Committee board, that is. Qualifications include knowledge of bus routes, frequent use of public transportation and strong opinions. Must be able to sit through one meeting a month. It's an unpaid position.

"We need a citizen who continuously rides the buses," said Ed Richards, an Oldsmar City Council member. "The person would help (direct the PSTA) on how to improve services."

Bob Bowen, a spokesman for the PSTA, said the volunteer would have to attend a regular meeting monthly to "discuss bus routes and general service."

"We do it (ask for a volunteer) from time to time," Bowen said. "There is a vacancy. The terms are open."

If you would like to volunteer for the job, call Bowen or Bill Steele at 530-9921.

Council member asks

for second bus shelter

City Council member Ed Richards is also working on plans for a new bus shelter at Washington Avenue and St. Petersburg Drive in Oldsmar.

The Pexiglass and steel structure will go a long way toward shielding bus riders from the elements as they wait for the No. 67 bus.

"Eight months ago people who live on Lee Street contacted me and wanted a bus shelter," Richards said. "I contacted PSTA. The shelter went in pretty fast."

Richards said the installation of that shelter led people on Washington Avenue and St. Petersburg Drive to push for a shelter of their own.

"If it's inclement weather they have nowhere to go to wait for the bus," he said.

Richards said he did some checking with PSTA and they "said they'd look into it."

Richards found out there was one requirement that had to be met before the concrete slab could be poured and the prefabricated structure installed: pipes must be put into a swale at the location.

"The swale is a ditch," Richards said. "Water runs off St. Petersburg Drive into the swale and continues on down and deposits into the bay. They said we'd have to put some pipes in it. The pipes (will) continue water flow."

Richards is optimistic the bus shelter will be up before the summer rains start to fall.

"Right now it looks pretty good," Richards said. "The bus stop will go in unless there are any unforeseen circumstances. I'm hoping to have it by the end of May."

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