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THE BODYGUARD _ The only survivor of the crash that killed Diana, Dodi Fayed and Henri Paul, Trevor Rees-Jones briefly returned to work for Fayed's father but appeared "uncertain and nervous," friends said. He resigned last week amid speculation he had a lucrative book deal and/or was embarrassed by having to support Mohamed Fayed's claim that Paul, the driver, seemed sober at the time of the wreck. Rees-Jones says he will donate to charity any money from a tabloid interview in which he also claimed Diana uttered Dodi's name after the crash.

THE MILLIONAIRE _ Owner of Harrods' department store and Paris' Ritz Hotel, Mohamed Fayed has made sensational charges that are generally seen as an attempt to shift blame for the crash from his own employee, Henri Paul. The most startling: that British agents forced the Mercedes off the road because the royal family could not abide Diana's marriage to Dodi. The Egyptian-born Fayed has long had a grudge against "the British Establishment," which has repeatedly denied him citizenship although he has lived in England since 1964 and pays more than $40-million a year in taxes. The source of his wealth purportedly comes from links established in the "80s with the sultan of Brunei, the world's richest man.

THE PRINCES _ Diana's sons William, 15, and Harry, 13, will each inherit about $10.6-million from her estate, derived mostly from her divorce settlement from Prince Charles. Former Prime Minister John Major has been appointed an independent guardian of their best interests and Diana's brother and mother would become their actual guardians in the event of Charles' death. The British press has generally honored its pledge to respect the boys' privacy, although there was heavy coverage of a recent trip to Canada in which William was fawned over by teenage girls. Both returned to school shortly after the crash and are said to be good, popular students. They also appear close to Charles, who has noticeably loosened up in recent months and is enjoying his own surge in popularity.

THE BROTHER _ Charles Spencer, Diana's younger brother, electrified the world with his rebuke of the royal family and the media in the eulogy he gave at her funeral. His own reputation later plunged with revelations he repeatedly cheated on his sick wife, from whom he is now divorced. Although he lives in South Africa, he recently has been in Great Brington, England, preparing the family estate for its first public opening since Diana's death.

THE INVESTIGATORS _ Herve Stephan, France's chief investigator on the crash, is continuing the inquiry although its thoroughness came into question when it was learned investigators never interviewed the first person on the scene _ a man who says there were no other cars around that could have contributed to the wreck. However, investigators all along have indicated they think drunken, reckless driving was the primary cause. Their findings eventually will be turned over to British coroners who will do their own inquest.