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Turn Your Talents Into Profits

By Darice Sanders and Marth M. Bullen

(Simon & Schuster, $12)

Forty-million Americans are working at home these days, and 22-million are working part time. The authors, who have written other books on working and family issues, have coined the term "microbusiness" to describe the new trend of part-time, at-home workers. In their last book, Sanders and Bullen discuss the myriad jobs available at home, from quiltmaking and other craft businesses to designing Web pages or transcribing medical papers. The 100-plus entries include a description of the work and a range of income for each job.

America's Top Resumes for America's Top Jobs

By J. Michael Farr

(JIST Works, $19.95)

This book includes 381 actual resumes with handwritten notes to highlight certain points on the page. It's an effective way to teach resume writing. The resumes cover a variety of jobs, showing why certain areas of education, experience, training, etc. are more important for some positions than for others and how to craft your resume to best suit what you are aiming for. Farr writes that every resume should be unique, not a carbon copy standard. This book reflects how to create your own document.

101 Tax Loopholes for the Middle Class

By Sean M. Smith

(Broadway Books, $13)

For all of you who waited until the last minute to file, why not read a tax book and get inspired? This one is written by a Washington, D.C., accountant who is a contributor to Tax Reduction Report. This book is easy to read and may have a few tips that you haven't seen before.