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Groups fine-tune the names we know

Published Sep. 13, 2005

Maybe it has something to do with springtime, cleaning house and discarding all that is old and unwanted.

For whatever reason, two of Pasco's leading business groups have shed their old names.

Last week, the Pasco County Committee of 100 decided its name sounded too imprecise and exclusive.

So it picked a new moniker: Pasco Economic Development Council.

Actually, the new name isn't so new.

A similar county-run economic development agency shared virtually the same name back in the early 1980s, when there were competing committees of 100 in east, west and central Pasco.

The only difference is that the new name omits a reference to "county."

Not that Committee of 100 board members harbor any antipathy toward the county, which, after all, funds most of the committee's budget.

They just didn't want the organization to sound too much like, well, a county agency.

The new name will be announced at the committee's annual banquet in late August and will take effect Oct. 1.

Name-change fever also has spread to the Building Industry Association of Pasco.

Make that the Pasco Building Association.

The association's members voted to change the name at a meeting last month.

Cindy Meyer is the group's executive officer.

"We felt that while we're doing so many things now to clean house and move forward with all our new programs and a new attitude and a new logo _ a new name would be appropriate," Meyer said. "A lot of our members were really excited about it and thought it would be great."

The association wanted a name more closely aligned with the Florida Home Builders' Association.

The only question was whether to include "Builders" or "Building." The latter won out because it was more inclusive. The association, which has 250 members, also represents non-builders.

The name change will cost little because the association has to change its letterhead and brochures anyway, Meyer said.

Due to the widening of State Road 54, the association will move in the next three months from its office in Lutz to a temporary location on State Road 54, a quarter-mile east of Little Road.

Industry groups aren't the only ones that have changed names.

Pasco's three Columbia HCA/Healthcare Corp. hospitals have all changed their titles in recent months.

The hospitals _ Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, Community Hospital New Port Richey and Pasco Community Hospital in Dade City _ have distanced themselves from their troubled corporate parent, which has been the focus of a widespread federal fraud investigation.

Then there are dizzying changes in bank names.

Barnett comes to mind. First, NationsBank of Charlotte, N.C., scoops up Barnett Banks, then it unloads some of Barnett's branches to Huntington Bancshares, and, finally, it announces a merger deal with California's BankAmerica Corp.

NationsBank has said it will close seven branches in Pasco, though it hasn't announced which ones.

The remaining Barnett and NationsBank branches will become a part of BankAmerica Corp. when that deal concludes later this year.

So what will they be called?

The two banking giants haven't yet agreed on a name.

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