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Published Sep. 13, 2005

"The Arizona Diamondbacks, the Devil Rays' expansion cousins, have talked the talk. The Devil Rays, however, have walked the walk _ so far."

Tracy Ringolsby, Rocky Mountain News

"The Angels play on Friday for the first time in the dome that is Tropicana Field, which some players have likened to Coors Field _ inside and with artificial turf. The ball apparently flies over the fences, zips through the infield and often skips right through the outfield as well. ... The Angels will take away the gaps as much as possible, tempting the Devil Rays to hit along the lines."

Kevin Acee, Orange County Register

"As the Devil Rays make their first-ever appearance at The Ballpark in Arlington for a three-game series against the Rangers starting Tuesday night, they are on their way to dispelling previous notions of what an expansion team can accomplish. Taken lightly, the Rays are giving opponents a devil of a time."

Ken Daley, Dallas Morning News

"Allen Watson, with the rest of the Angels, complimented the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. One heck of an expansion team, he agreed. They can hit. They've got some pitchers, too. ... But the Angels started the season with division title wishes and World Series dreams. Watson knew it, and he let out a frustrated sigh as he said, almost under his breath, "That's a team we should beat."

Kevin Acee, Orange County Register