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AL awaits report on Rothschild

Published Sep. 13, 2005

American League officials are waiting to read umpire Marty Foster's report before determining whether additional action will be taken against Rays manager Larry Rothschild.

Foster said Rothschild made contact with him after his fifth-inning ejection Sunday night. Bumping an umpire can be grounds for a suspension.

"We'll wait and see what he writes," AL vice president Phyllis Merhige said. "We'll probably look at the video."

Rothschild said that if there was any contact it was minimal and incidental and that he would welcome a video review.

"I'm not concerned about it because I didn't do anything to get suspended," Rothschild said. "I know I wasn't trying to bump the umpire, and I don't care what he said. I know what I was doing out there. If there was any contact, I brushed him when I was pointing to the base. All I ask is for them to take a look at the tape and make a judgment. That will be fair."

Merhige said the review probably wouldn't begin until the end of the week.