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Cable ads increase, but high rates remain

Editor: A recent letter to the editor implied that broadcast television stations depend on commercials. Could this notion have come from a Time Warner Communications stockholder?

Every day there are more and more commercials on cable television, which leads one to believe that the income therefrom could easily help reduce consumer cable rates, which in my case have increased 39.7 percent in the past two years.

I recently received a four-page letter from the Federal Communications Commission explaining cable television rates. I also received a two-page letter from the Hernando County Commission explaining cable rates.

Both letters were very informative, but did nothing to help.

So, the many commercials continue and someone other than the consumer is cashing in.

Charles Rosboril

Spring Hill

Accident victim grateful

for kindness, comfort

Editor: I was in an auto accident on April 22 on County Line Road and Medical Boulevard. I would like to thank the person who telephoned my husband and also the people who comforted the two children I had in the car.

A special thank-you to the paramedics and the Spring Hill Regional Hospital staff in the emergency room and to the volunteers who directed the traffic until the cars were towed away.

Anita K. Gluch

Spring Hill

Penny tax would lessen

property owners' burden

Editor: Re: Making property owners pay for all of the county's bill.

I do not understand why we don't go to the 1-cent sales tax. Imagine all the people who live in Hernando County who do not pay their share.

The people who do not pay property taxes drive on the roads and use the parks.

The sales tax should be put in a special account, not in the general fund, and voters should have the option to extend it in three years.

William A. Foster

Spring Hill

County pound remembers

mascot as "gentle giant'

Editor: Farewell to Maggie, a gentle giant that has been a mascot at Hernando County Animal Control for a number of years. It was a very sad day when she passed away, leaving Animal Control for greener pastures.

I had the joy of accompanying Maggie a number of times to nursing homes. She brought many smiles to the patients she visited. Because of her size (she was a Great Dane), patients did not have to bend over to pet her. On one visit, she wanted to get into bed with a patient.

Maggie will be remembered as a gentle giant and missed by those who loved her.

Rosalie Fredericks

Spring Hill

In-depth home inspection

could reveal sinkhole risk

Editor: The Sunday Times story about sinkholes was indeed impressive and exhaustive. But I think every house purchased in this high-risk area should be carefully, geologically inspected before insurance can be issued.

I've found home inspections here to be superficial and too short. They are two or three hours, when a couple of days would be more appropriate and telling.

John A. Herbert

Spring Hill

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