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Couple sought after motorist assaulted

In yet another example of road rage, a couple pulled a 19-year-old woman from her car Sunday and beat her after they said she cut them off in traffic, sheriff's deputies said.

Darcy Imel of Oviedo was westbound on Fletcher Avenue on her way to visit her parents in the Lake Magdalene area. About 6:15 p.m., she said, she noticed a dark gray, late model Toyota Corolla following her closely. She didn't think she had cut anyone off, Imel said, but a woman inside the Toyota screamed at her and made an obscene gesture.

Imel tried to turn off at Lake Magdalene Boulevard, she said, but the Toyota cut her off. She continued west to Orange Grove Drive and turned right, the Toyota still following. When Imel stopped at Moran Road, the woman got out of the Toyota and ran toward Imel, she said. Imel pulled away and drove around back onto westbound Fletcher.

Back at Orange Grove Drive, the light turned red, and Imel stopped. She said the Toyota pulled in front of her and another lane of traffic. Imel said she was boxed in because there were other cars behind her at the light.

Imel said the woman inside the Toyota ran toward her and yelled, "You can't drive like that; I have my children in the car," then began hitting Imel's car with her fists. Imel said she could see two children, about 9 to 12 years old, inside the car.

When Imel tried to get out of her car, the woman slammed the door on her leg, Imel said, before the man pulled Imel out of her open driver's window.

The woman then slapped and scratched Imel and pulled her hair before the man threw her onto her car, denting the fender, Imel said. The woman then broke Imel's car's antenna.

Two other women driving by intervened, Imel said, and the couple fled. Imel said she suffered minor injuries, mostly scratches and bruises, that did not require immediate medical treatment.

Deputies are looking for anyone who might have seen the incident. The woman inside the Toyota was fair with shoulder-length dark hair and freckles, Imel said, and the man was thin with dark hair. A witness said the first two letters of the suspects' tag were P and K.