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Makeup can add life to your looks

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As we get older, the color fades from our skin, lips, eyes and hair. Here are some makeup tips:

+ Don't be afraid of bright colors, even if you think deep or pastel colors look best. A dash of color can make you appear happy, enthusiastic, optimistic and alert to others.

+ Turn up the color just a tad with a more vibrant lipstick and blush to avoid looking washed out. African-Americans may not see a change in skin tone until their hair turns white.

+ Wear your glasses when applying makeup.

+ Use a light touch with makeup; caked-on makeup settles into lines, making them more obvious.

+ Avoid frosted makeup; look for makeup with a dewy consistency.

+ Use plenty of moisturizer if your skin feels dry.

+ Neutral eye shadow looks the best.

+ Give light or sparse eyebrows definition with a brow pencil or powder.

+ Black mascara looks too harsh; try dark brown or charcoal instead.

+ Outline your lips with a lip pencil to prevent color from bleeding into the fine lines around your mouth. Avoid dark lipcolor.

+ Use concealor to camouflage shadows under the eye and skin discoloration.