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Question: Am I dreaming, or did I really hear that Julia Roberts said she'd like to give up everything and move to the jungle?

Answer: What you probably heard was either Julia or someone speaking for her saying how much she loved doing a PBS special called In The Wild: Orangutans with Julia Roberts. The show is expected to air on PBS May 20.

Roberts traveled to the jungles of Borneo where she saw the perilous plight of orangutans that are threatened by both deforestation and the illegal pet trade.

As for her career, it's taken a bounce back after a series of box-office losers. She'll be out with a new film some time this summer. She'll also be among a slew of stars helping to say good-bye to Murphy Brown.

Question: Is the Jere Burns who is on Something So Right, the same actor who appeared on Taxi under another name?

Answer: Jere Burns appeared under his own name in Dear John, which starred Judd Hirsch, one of the stars of Taxi. There is no record of Burns' doing Taxi under any name.

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