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Use clothing to remake your shape

(ran NP, TP, PT, HT, CI editions)

Clothing is more than covering. If it weren't, you could get by with a blanket pinned under your arms. But clothing is also structure _ structure that fits and shapes the body. You can use that structure to create a new profile for yourself. Here are four ways to do it:

+ Tunics: A tunic covers your waistline. Add a pair of narrow-leg pants or a long skirt that drops straight to the floor, and you'll have an elegantly elongated profile.

+ Collars: A well-designed collar, especially a high one, frames the face and elongates the body. Think of it as an accessory. For instance, a high, open collar offers a slimming linear dimension to your profile.

+ Shoulder Pads: Become larger than life! Shoulder pads add presence. A wider shoulder profile creates an illusion that the rest of your body is smaller.

+ Yoked Jackets: Do your jackets ride up in the back? A yoked jacket will drape a back that's bent so that the jacket doesn't ride up. Choose one in a fabric that flows gracefully for a soft, flattering look.