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With summer comes volunteer shortage

(ran CI edition)

The lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer are fast approaching. Winter visitors are heading back North. Soon there will be less traffic on the roads.

Unfortunately, there will also be fewer volunteers and entertainers in the nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Below is a list of facilities and the activity directors who have signed up with RSVP. If you would like to spread a little cheer during the summer, call and volunteer, or contact the RSVP office.

West side of county

+ Crystal River Healthcare & Rehab: Anita Marshall, 795-5044

+ Cypress Cove Care Center: Linda Ely, 795-8832

+ River Oaks: Fae Ritchie, 795-8000

+ Sugarmill Manor: Elaine Heller, 382-2531

Center of county

+ Barrington Place: Bonnie Emmons, 746-2273

+ Brentwood Health & Retirement: Freida Michal, 746-6611

+ Cottages of Gentle Breeze: Maria Schmidt, 489-5539

+ Life Care Center: Sharyn Hunter, 746-4434

+ Surrey Place: Pamela Pepitone, 746-9600

East side of county

+ Avante: Shirley Lock, 726-3141

+ Citrus Health & Rehab: Vicki Cartwright, 860-0200

+ Countryside Manor: Laurene Holder, 726-2555

+ Highland Terrace Assisted Care Facility: Nancy Biteman, 860-2525

+ Mariner Health of Inverness: Elizabeth Vnuk, 637-1130

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program recruits and places volunteers 55 and older with agencies that can use their skills and expertise. The beauty of RSVP is that you can choose the kind of volunteer work you do, the agency where you would like to volunteer and get free benefits through the RSVP grant.

Our office is in the new Lecanto Government Building. Please call 527-5424 before coming over to visit to be sure Don or Doris is in. We will be happy to help find the perfect volunteer position for you.

The mentoring program in Citrus County schools has proved itself and is growing. In this program, an adult takes a student under his or her wing for the full school year. Usually, the mentor comes once a week for one class period (but can come two or three times a week if necessary), sits with the child and helps with whatever school subject is presenting a problem. All mentors and volunteers must attend orientation. School personnel will provide on-the-job advice and be available for assistance when needed. You may want to consider going through training now so you will be all set for the new school year.

_ Doris Mauricio works for the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program in Citrus County. You can write to RSVP c/o Seniority, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg, FL 33731.