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New Birth women widen lead, but men's races remain close

With three games in hand over its closest competitor, New Birth Gospel Tabernacle seemingly has taken control in the Men's B League of the Citrus Church Softball Association.

New Birth, though, is the only team in the association that can make such a claim.

The women's division remains a tight race for first as both Our Lady of Fatima and second-place Inverness First Baptist posted wins Saturday, keeping First Baptist within a win of the leaders. Meanwhile, Seven Rivers Presbyterian saw its lead shrink to one game over Inverness First Baptist Blue in the Men's A League after a forfeit loss to a resurgent Inverness Church of God. Church of God has won its last three games and is now tied for fourth.


Inverness First Baptist 13, Floral City First Baptist 7: Inverness kept pace in the Women's League with a rather convincing win. Collette Wilburn led the charge, going 3-for-4 with two RBI and two runs scored. Crystal Pruitt, Angie Terry and Sarah Windham also contributed, each going 2-for-3 with two runs scored. Jennifer Chisman (3-for-4) and Janette Pensinger led Floral City.

Our Lady of Fatima 5, Floral City First Baptist 4: Floral City nearly granted First Baptist a big favor, but came up just short as the league leaders rallied for the winning run in the sixth. Sonya Allen (4-for-4, one run, one RBI), Sue Ellis (3-for-5), Holly Bryant (2-for-4, RBI) and Reva Nelson (2-for-5, two runs, double) led Fatima. Jennifer Hibbard (2-for-4, run) led Floral City's upset bid.


First Methodist/Assembly of God 20, Inverness First Baptist Gray 6: Methodist/Assembly took sole possession of second place with a convincing win over third-place Gray. Rick Sims (2-for-3, three runs, double, two RBI), Joe Deddo (3-for-4, double, six RBI), Randy Long (4-for-4, RBI) and Michael Turner (4-for-4, four RBI) led Methodist/Assembly. Woody Worley (3-for-3, double, triple, four RBI) and Greg Evans (3-for-3, three runs) had solid afternoons for Gray.

Inverness Lutheran 19, Beverly Hills First Baptist 6: Inverness Lutheran moved into a tie for third with its big win. Mark Bauer (2-for-2, two runs, triple, three RBI) and Garrett Sudamn (3-for-3, two runs, two RBI) led Lutheran, but were helped considerably by Terry Flaherty (2-for-2, two runs, RBI) and Mike Weaver (3-for-3, two runs, RBI).

New Birth Gospel Tabernacle 12, Living Water Christian Fellowship 0: The disparity between the first and last spots was evident in this game as the league leaders made short work of Living Water. Darrick Timmons (3-for-4, three RBI), Don Kenney (3-for-3, double, triple, three runs, two RBI), George Schmalstic (2-for-3, HR, two RBI) and Joe Johnson Jr. (2-for-2, double, RBI) led New Birth. David Baker Sr. (2-for-2, double) was productive for Living Water.


Floral City First Baptist 9, St. Scholastica 6: Floral City dealt a lethal blow to St. Scholastica's chances behind the efforts of Zeb Bishop (3-for-4, double, HR, two RBI) and Ricky Hibbard (2-for-3, double, three runs, three RBI). Jeff Hanie (2-for-4, two runs) and Mark Fulkerson (2-for-4, two runs, RBI) contributed as well. Perry Rose (3-for-3, RBI), Dave Veres (2-for-3, double) and Jim Saltmarsh (2-for-3, RBI) led St. Scholastica.

Eden Baptist 21, Our Lady of Fatima 9: Richard Debusk (3-for-3, triple, three runs, three RBI), Brad Looper (4-for-4, HR, three runs, four RBI) and James Price (4-for-4, double, triple, four RBI) were the big producers for Eden, but were helped by the performances of Travis Ratliff (4-for-4, two doubles, HR, four runs, two RBI) and Jason King (3-for-4, two runs, two RBI). Walt Rummel (2-for-4, RBI), Charlie Bryant (2-for-4, run, RBI), Tito Linaja (2-for-3, two runs, RBI) and Jerry Schaaf (3-for-3) carried the load for Fatima.

Inverness Church of God 7, Seven Rivers Presbyterian O: Seven Rivers was forced to forfeit when it could not field the minimum number of players.