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Pinellas Park slam taken in stride

Published Sep. 13, 2005

(ran West edition)

Former Town Council member Harlene "Honey Bee" Bowie found out the hard way you should know who's in the audience before you speak.

It happened at last week's workshop about turf blocks. Some wanted to allow the decorative concrete blocks that have places for grass to grow through. Others, like Bowie, wanted them banned.

Bowie stepped up to the mike to air her views.

If you allow turf blocks, she said, "Our property would depreciate like you would not believe. We'd look worse than Pinellas Park ever hoped to look."

There was a strangled pause among Kenneth City council members. Then Chuck Webber said: "Ms. Bowie, have you met the mayor of Pinellas Park?"

Pinellas Park Mayor Bill Mischler was sitting in the back, observing.

"My ears perked right up when she said that," Mischler said.

Mischler said he waved his hand and said, "We've never met, but I've heard of you."

Meanwhile, Bowie changed her statement to say that Kenneth City would look like Pinellas Park used to look.

Mischler, laughing, said he was sure that's what she originally meant.

Still, Mischler said he's learned a lesson.

"I tell you, I'm about ready to go to every one of their meetings to find out what's going on," he said. "I thought it was just going to be a quiet night in Kenneth City. . . . I'd never fall asleep in their meeting."