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Robber held in BMW murder

In the days following the murder of Robert Enlow Sr. last week, attorneys and friends of the Naples, Fla., builder tried to guess which of his enemies wanted him dead.

Was it an angry investor who lost thousands on a bad land deal? A disgruntled former business partner? Or someone who wanted to silence Enlow, who worked as a federal informant.

In a surprise ending, authorities said Tuesday, it was none of those. Late Monday, Tampa police arrested an Orlando bank robber, who was living in Fort Myers, and charged him with the killing.

William Michael Marchini, 40, had been a roommate of Enlow's at the Salvation Army halfway house in Fort Myers where both men were serving time for federal offenses, said police homicide Sgt. Dan Grossi.

The men met in January when Enlow arrived to serve time at the halfway house for federal wire fraud. Marchini was released in March. Enlow was scheduled to leave in May.

Grossi said police do not believe anyone paid Marchini to kill Enlow.

"There is no indication this homicide occurred because of Mr. Enlow's involvement as a federal witness," Grossi said. "There is no indication he was working in concert with anyone."

Enlow, 69, was discovered bound with duct tape and shot twice in the head in the back seat of a black BMW at the corner of Tampa and Madison streets just after 10 a.m. April 20. He died a day later.

Authorities believe Marchini took Enlow to an empty lot at 11th and Whiting streets in the Channelside District, just east of downtown, just after 6 p.m. April 19. He bound Enlow with duct tape and used a pillow to muffle the sound of the gunshots.

With Enlow barely alive in the back seat, Marchini left the car in an empty parking space downtown and walked to the Greyhound bus station, where he boarded a bus to Venice, Fla., Grossi said.

Enlow survived almost two days after the shooting.

"It sounds just miserable," Grossi said. "Can you imagine?"

Claude Bonanni, who owns several properties on 11th Street, including the vacant lot where Enlow was shot, said the area is deserted on Sundays. Only a handful of people live in loft apartments nearby.

After the murder, Marchini spent several days in Sarasota spending money at strip clubs and then returned to Fort Myers on April 22. He told police Enlow gave him the money he spent. Marchini was held without bail late Wednesday in the Hillsborough County Jail. He refused requests for interviews.

Police would not say why Enlow and Marchini were in Tampa. Enlow was granted a pass from the halfway house to go to church April 19 and was expected back at 7 p.m. Police believe he picked Marchini up and the men drove to Tampa, arriving in the afternoon.

"We don't know if it was pre-planned or not," Grossi said of the murder. "Those things (the pillow, duct tape and gun) were in the vehicle, but we don't know whose they were."

Marchini was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for robbing five banks in Orange and Seminole counties in late 1993, records show. Marchini stole nearly $12,000 after handing tellers notes stating he had a gun.

At the time, he was serving probation for assault in Seminole County.

After his release from the halfway house in March, Marchini moved to the Mariner's Trailer Park in Fort Myers, where he paid $70 a week for a tiny travel trailer, said park manager Sherman Casey. Marchini was called a good tenant who had paid his rent in advance for the next few weeks.

Neighbors said he told them he was a charter boat captain. He often rode around the park on a bicycle carrying a large black bag.

"Makes you wonder what was in that bag," said Dawn Gambill, who lives in the park. "God only knows what goes on in this park."

_ Information from the Fort Myers News-Press was used in this report.