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Question: When will Cher's tribute to Sonny air?

Answer: As I write this, CBS has not firmed up a date for May airing. However, by the time you read this column, the date should be made available. Just keep reading your television news section in your paper.

Question: When did Search for Tomorrow go off the air?

Answer: The Search was called off Dec. 26, 1986. Low ratings prompted NBC's cancellation of the Procter & Gamble Co. soap, which had aired for 35 years on two networks. (It was canceled by CBS in 1982 but immediately picked up by NBC.)

The last episode featured actors Mary Stuart and Larry Haines, both 35-year veterans of the show. Stuart played Jo from Day One, and Haines joined the cast two months later.

Search for Tomorrow premiered Sept. 3, 1951, and, for its first 25 years, was a top-rated show for CBS. Performers who got their start on the soap include Susan Sarandon, Jill Clayburgh, Kevin Kline, Kevin Bacon and Don Knotts.

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