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Reviewer should be kinder to amateur thespians

Editor: Kudos to Frank Marino on his article about Fiddler on the Roof at the Show Palace Dinner Theater. I have read many of arts and entertainment editor Barbara Fredricksen's articles of shows she has reviewed, and found many of them to be unfair.

I, a newcomer to this area for 17 months, have found her to be very unfair in some of her comments about shows at community theaters. Some of these performers have aspirations of making the stage their career; others like me do it as a hobby (I have not as yet fallen in love with golf). I did many shows up north in community theater, and most of the critics were kind to the performers, knowing this was amateur. With Ms. Fredricksen it seems if there is a person in the show she likes, the show gets a good review; if not, it is panned.

One show I was involved in here comes to mind. Last spring I was involved in the show My Cousin Rachel, which was a very difficult show for the cast members, who I must say were some of the best I have worked with. This show was directed by Wayne Raymond, ably assisted by Dalton Benson. The show took many nights of rehearsal due to its plot. Two nights before we opened there were still some blocking changes that had to be made. Working for both Wayne and Dalton was a pleasure for me; neither one of them ever got upset, and the night we opened we were all sure we had done a fine job _ until we read Fredricksen's blistering critique.

She blasted the young male lead. I knew he was upset by it, but thanks to our two directors who took him aside and told him he was doing the show the way they wanted it, and not to pay attention to the review. The rest of the cast also assured him that his performance was above par. The show went on to play for sellout crowds, and the female lead, Anna Sandoval, went on to capture a Hammi for the best actress in a drama.

I realize people pay to see a performance and are entitled to say what they want about a show, but please, Ms. Fredricksen, try and remember some of these thespians are not professionals, and maybe never will be. From the short time I have been in this area I have noticed quite a bit of talent right here in Hernando, not only the performers, but the folks behind the scenes _ prop people, stage managers, directors, and the set builders, just to mention a few.

I am not trying to tell Ms. Fredricksen how to do her job; I'm just asking her to be a little kinder when she reviews the shows. Remember, this is Florida, not the Great White Way.

Jack Joyce

Spring Hill

Academic team deserves

better place in newspaper

Editor: Re: Hernando team wins state academic meet, Tuesday Hernando Times:

Staff writer Robert King deserves credit for a well-written article, but his editor does not deserve credit for where he placed said article.

These six young men deserve much more than a corner article at the bottom of the first page, where it so easily can go unnoticed. I'm not saying coconut achievement isn't appreciated, but should it be placed in the center of the front page with a photograph when you have such an achievement in knowledge made by these six exceptional young men and their coach?

If you want to encourage kids to do better, give them credit when credit is due. Your editor should have placed a photo of these six young achievers in the center with an article at the top of the page _ where you placed a story about the band director's resignation.

What your newspaper is telling our young people today is "Cause some controversy, not achievement in school or in the betterment of our country, and you'll get your picture on the front page."

For myself and our family, good luck to all six of these very special young men and their coach.

Emma L. Hamilton


Rebate a part of those election-year antics

Editor: Re: Jeff Webb's April 26 opinion column, Take this rebate and spend it:

I agree with Webb's suggestions as to what the Legislature should do with its proposed $50 rebate to residents. My only concern is that I am afraid the Legislature may not be able to balance the books by dividing the $50 into 10 different choices, as Webb did. Therefore, in order to facilitate their bookkeeping, I will return my $50 to the Legislature to be used only for Webb's suggestion No. 10. I hope everything will come out okay.

It always amazes me what politicians will do, or say, in an election year in order to be re-elected. Next year, they probably will double the telephone rates to thank us for re-electing them. I love election years.

Anthony R. Palmieri

Spring Hill

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