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Tarpon rounds off fees for golf on city course

The price of a morning round of golf in a cart at the city-owned Municipal Golf Course just went up 17 cents. An afternoon cart round costs 58 cents more.

The increases are insignificant, except that they save golfers the trouble of counting out three quarters, a nickel and three pennies to pay the old $16.83 morning fee, or a quarter, dime, nickel and two pennies for the afternoon $12.42 fee. Or they save the course's clerks the trouble of making change.

All the course's fees got a similar adjustment to an even dollar amount. The price for nine holes and a golf cart before 11 a.m. was the only fee to decrease. It went down 28 cents to $11.

"We just made them all rounded off," said manager Chuck Winship. "We just made everything kind of user-friendly and clerk-friendly."

The odd charges were apparently the result of sales tax being added to even-dollar prices set by previous managers, Winship said. He calculated the new fees so tax would bring the totals to even dollar amounts.

The course is on Alt. U.S. 19 across from Helen Ellis Memorial Hospital. The City Commission approved the fee increases Tuesday.