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Long lost hound finally going home

A dog story that began in Nashville, Tenn., has ended here with the dog and its owner being reunited.

Levi, a 4-year-old Afghan hound, wagged his tail Wednesday as owner Renee Preston gave him a big welcoming hug.

It began this spring, when Preston's car, with Levi inside, was stolen in Nashville.

March 17, a suspect was arrested by Panama City, Fla., police. From jail, the suspect told his grandmother that he dumped the dog in Daytona Beach.

Preston decided to place a classified ad in the News-Journal of Daytona Beach.

Port Orange resident Jan MacDonald noticed the ad and realized she had seen Levi on March 21 at a Southeast Volusia Humane Society adoption kiosk at a Sam's Club.

MacDonald planned to buy Levi and call Preston, but when she returned, Levi had been sold. She called Preston in Nashville.

The new owner waffled on several promises to return Levi, then Orlando lawyer Nick Shannin voluntarily joined the effort and persuaded the new owner to return Levi.

"I'm so glad to finally have him back," Preston said as she pulled out of MacDonald's driveway and headed for Nashville.