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Man opens fire in bank; 1 dead

A man apparently upset that his loan application had been denied opened fire on four bank employees Thursday, killing a woman who was going to offer him an umbrella to ward off the morning rain.

Penny Schmitt, 32, was shot several times and died Thursday after telling the suspect that his application had been turned down, authorities said.

Three of her co-workers were injured, one critically, spawning a massive search that ended when the suspect fatally shot himself as he crouched in a tree top as police closed in.

The shooting was followed less than an hour later by a bank holdup several miles away in Indianapolis. A suspect in that robbery was critically injured after he was shot by police.

The FBI said the incidents appeared not to be connected.

The shooting where Schmitt was killed occurred at a KeyBank in this affluent suburb north of Indianapolis.

After Schmitt told the man his application had been denied he walked out. Schmitt chased after him to offer an umbrella when she didn't see him get into a car. Before she could get to him, he turned around, walked back into the bank and opened fire before making off with a stack of 20 dollar bills.

By late afternoon, police closed in on a man sitting in a pine tree about 50 feet above a residential neighborhood. They fired rubber bullets at the man in an attempt to stun him, but that was followed by a single gunshot.

It took police more than two hours to free the dead man from a tangle of branches, using a cherry picker to maneuver among the treetops and around electrical wires.

Congressman's wife

urges him to resign

LOS ANGELES _ The wife of Rep. Jay Kim urged him Thursday to resign rather than seek re-election after he pleaded guilty to campaign finance violations.

June Kim also told the Orange County Register that she was preparing to divorce the three-term Republican congressman from southern California after 36 years of marriage.

"I feel very strongly that he should not run for re-election," said Mrs. Kim, who pleaded guilty with her husband last year to accepting more than $250,000 in illegal campaign contributions.

Jay Kim was sentenced to one year's probation, fined $5,000, and ordered to serve 200 hours of community service and 2 months in home detention.

His wife, who was his campaign manager, was sentenced to one year's probation and 200 hours of community service and fined $5,000.

Mrs. Kim is cooperating with an investigation by the House ethics commission into her husband's personal and campaign finances.

Man guilty of breaking levee in Midwest floods

HANNIBAL, Mo. _ A man was convicted again Thursday of intentionally breaking a Mississippi River levee during the 1993 Midwest floods and inundating 14,000 acres of farmland.

James Scott, 29, of Fowler, Ill., could get life in prison at sentencing July 6 for causing a catastrophe.

Scott broke the levee to strand his wife in Missouri so he could party in Illinois, according to testimony.

He was accused of removing sandbags from a levee in West Quincy. The breach flooded farmland, destroyed dozens of businesses and forced the closing of one of the few bridges over the river still open.

He was convicted in 1994 and sentenced to life in prison.

But an appeals court overturned the verdict last year because prosecutors failed to notify the defense about two new witnesses whose testimony implicated him.