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Phone service restored at Times Spring Hill office

Problems with the Times' internal telephone system in Brooksville left its Spring Hill office without phone service at times Wednesday and Thursday. Readers and advertisers were either cut off while on the phone or were unable to reach the Spring Hill advertising and news staff for several hours, although the Times voice mail system was working. A telephone router at the Brooksville office was replaced, and Spring Hill phones now are working.

Schools seeking opinions

on setting election date

BROOKSVILLE _ The 2,000 people who work for the Hernando County School District should expect something extra in their paychecks soon _ not a pay raise, but a survey. The School Board will ask all workers which date they prefer _ September's primary election or November's general election _ for the upcoming sales-tax referendum. The board also wants to see what the Hernando County PTA finds when it polls parents at its 12 PTA-member schools. Both surveys are part of an effort to gauge public opinion about the date of the referendum, which will ask voters to support a new half-cent sales tax to build the county's fourth high school. Concerns about poor turnout in September and the implications of a crowded ballot in November have led the board to seek public comment. However, the final decision rests with the County Commission. Commissioners have indicated they prefer November.