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Street lines divide Carrollwood Village

Several pothole-ravaged roads in Carrollwood Village are scheduled for repaving this month, and that will mean new striping, too.

One Carrollwood Village activist wants those lines painted differently this time around on one busy street.

If Lynn McGarvey gets her way, West Village Drive will become a narrow two-lane road with a double yellow line down the middle, bicycle lanes on both sides, speed humps and no center turn lanes.

"What I want to do is raise the idea that we need to slow traffic down," McGarvey said. "And this is just one idea and one road."

So far, McGarvey, a member of the Carrollwood Village Phase III board of directors, has presented her plan to board members in Phase II and Phase III. She hopes they will back her effort to bring the issue to county officials.

Although most board members support McGarvey in principle, most oppose the idea of making West Village Drive a more difficult road to travel.

"She has got a point. It will definitely slow traffic down," said Phase III president Jerry Jacobs. "It will turn West Village Drive into a parking lot.

"She will not have my support. She will probably not have everyone's support on this," Jacobs said.

More than 80 roads in Hillsborough County will be resurfaced between today and June 1 because of potholes that formed after severe flooding late last year. County officials expect the cost of resurfacing the roads to be more than $1-million. About 20 streets in Carrollwood Village are on the repair list.

McGarvey said her involvement in Hillsborough Tomorrow's sustainable communities program has exposed her to a lot of ideas on improving neighborhoods. One of those ideas is creating safe pedestrian crossings.

"Parents feel uncomfortable letting their kids go anywhere they don't drive them because of the danger of crossing West Village Drive," McGarvey said.

The street is a wide, two-lane thoroughfare with several turn lanes but no stop signs or traffic lights.

"Only one side of West Village Drive has a sidewalk, so anyone on the wrong side has got to cross," she said.

The northern portion of West Village Drive is in Phase II. Phase II president John Miley would not say whether he will support McGarvey.

"She has some interesting ideas that may be worth looking at," Miley said. "I have listened to it, but I haven't made up my mind whether it's a good idea."

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