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Question: I've been a fan of Ted Levine's for many years. I'm trying to recall the short-lived TV series he starred in back in the early '80s. Can you help me out?

Answer: Before he horrified movie-goers as the serial killer in The Silence of the Lambs, Levine had co-starred as Frank Holman in the series Crime Story (1986-88). He played First Mate Starbuck in USA's recent Moby Dick remake and, this month, is in Tom Hanks' space opus From the Earth to the Moon as astronaut Alan Shepard.

Question: The mother in the WB series 7th Heaven looks so familiar to me. I can't think of where I've seen her before.

Answer: Catherine Hicks, 46, has been in quite a few TV series and movies. She started out in the 1970s in Ryan's Hope as Dr. Faith Coleridge and, later, a TV version of The Bad News Bears (with Jack Weston and Corey Feldman). She's also been in the series Tucker's Witch and Winnetka Road and the feature films Peggy Sue Got Married and Star Trek IV. Now she's the caring mom/minister's wife on WB's family-friendly 7th Heaven.

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