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Girard College postcard

The Postal Service has issued a 20-cent postal card observing the 150th anniversary of Girard College in Philadelphia. The card continues the long-running Historic Preservation Series.

The college is a school for orphans founded by Stephen Girard (1750-1831), who amassed a fortune with a fleet of ships that expanded trade from Philadelphia to Europe, West Indies and Far East.

Girard, who was born in France and went to sea at age 14, settled in Philadelphia in 1776. As he prospered, he also shared his wealth.

During Philadelphia's yellow fever epidemics of 1793 and 1797, Girard directed efforts to cope with the peril. During the War of 1812, he helped finance the conflict by arranging a $16-million loan.

Girard's will earmarked a major share of his fortune for an elementary and secondary school for poor white orphan children. In 1968, a Supreme Court ruling admitted black youths, and in 1984 the doors were opened to females.

For first-day cancellations send to Girard College Postal Card, Postmaster, 2970 Market St., Philadelphia, PA 19104-9991.

"Putting Children First'

Associated Press

Uganda in east Africa has issued a set of four stamps honoring the work of UNICEF during the last 30 years. The theme of the set is "Putting Children First."

The four stamps illustrate such programs as health, water and sanitation, basic education and child care, coordination communication, and adolescents development.

The 300-shilling stamp depicts a child in a wheelchair in support of children with disabilities. The 400-shilling portrays a mother holding her child as a nurse inoculates the child against polio. The 600-shilling emphasizes the importance of sanitation. The 700-shilling shows children in a classroom.

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