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Suspect in killing turns self in

A man being sought as an accomplice in the slaying of a Spring Hill resident turned himself in Wednesday night at the Pasco County jail.

William Russell Speanburg III, who has been wanted by authorities since April 21, is accused of serving as lookout while another man used a baseball bat to bludgeon Ronald Egyed, 56, during the annual Bike Week motorcycle rally in Daytona Beach.

"He showed up with his lawyer and turned himself in," said sheriff's spokesman Jon Powers. "I guess he got tired of running. I think a good bit of it had to do with the pressure we were putting on him."

Speanburg, 23, who listed his address as 10314 Kim Lane in Hudson, is charged with being a principal to first-degree murder. He is being held without bail at the county jail in Land O'Lakes while awaiting transfer to Volusia County.

"My client's a kid _ he's scared about the whole mess," said Timothy Leahy, Speanburg's attorney. "He wants to do the right thing. My client did not do what they're alleging he did."

Authorities contend that early March 5, Speanburg and another man _ Shad Chiszar, 26 _ forced their way into Ronald Egyed's parked motor home. Egyed, who owned Royal Ryder motorcycle shop in Hudson, had traveled from his Spring Hill home to Daytona Beach with his wife, Connie L. Mayo, for the motorcycle rally.

Inside the motor home, Speanburg locked the door and blocked the exit while Chiszar beat the couple with a metal bat and shot Egyed in the right knee with a .380-caliber handgun, according to a police report. Egyed died; Mayo, 45, survived to identify the intruders.

During the motorcycle rally, Chiszar and Speanburg were staying in a motel in Daytona Beach Shores with several acquaintances from Pasco County, the report said. After the killing, one of the acquaintances told police, Chiszar appeared in her room with blood on his clothes, carried a bloody bat, and said he had "just beat up some guy."

The intruders apparently thought Egyed and his 29-year-old stepson, Randy Manescalchi, were cooperating with authorities in a federal drug investigation. Authorities are investigating whether the slaying is linked to what they call an interstate drug smuggling ring.

Chiszar was arrested on a charge of first-degree murder last week in Sioux Falls, S.D. On Thursday, he was being transferred from the Minnehaha County Jail there to authorities in Volusia County.

Daytona Beach police Sgt. Brian Skipper said the murder investigation will continue and further arrests might be made, but he declined to identify other possible suspects.

Speanburg's attorney said his client was nervous about turning himself in.

"He wants to face up to the charges and deal with them in court," Leahy said. "He's legitimately scared, but he doesn't want to take off and go run someplace. I think the state has blown (his involvement) out of proportion. My client never had any intention of killing anybody, and he didn't kill anybody."

Records show Speanburg was arrested in Clearwater on April 1994 on marijuana possession charges and in Hernando County in October 1994 on shoplifting charges. He listed his occupation as a drywall subcontractor.

Leahy said he was referred to the murder case by Speanburg's family and expects to work for less than his normal fee.