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The case of the missing cemetery

Let's get going today with one of our more unusual requests. It's a genealogical query from Mary Ann Tornwall of Tampa, who wonders if anyone has information about a small cemetery she has not been able to locate.

Called the Roberts Chapel cemetery, it existed in 1875 supposedly in Myakka City. Unfortunately, even the people she speaks to who have heard about the cemetery don't know its location.

Mary Ann believes her grandmother's grandfather, Samuel Knight, and his wife, Mary Roberts, are buried there. Okay, you genealogists; if you can shed light on this mystery, please call Mary Ann at (813) 977-9024.

Did you ever want to have someone forever in your debt? Here's your big chance. Peggy Thomas of Largo promises this will happen if you have, and will permit her to copy, a book that came with the New Home Sewing Machine, Model 532, Serial Number 4151 (an old model). Peggy's phone number is (813) 391-8181.

Nancy Keen of St. Petersburg is looking for a Good Housekeeping Cookbook published probably around 1950 to 1955. Its cover is black and white with red and white print. Beginning cooks' recipes, called "Susan's" recipes, are included in it. Since losing her copy, Nancy never has found a cookbook she enjoyed using as much. Give her a call at (813) 525-1833 if you can help.

Milly Cucinotta has friends with Alzheimer's and is well aware of how they enjoy singing the songs they knew as youths. Milly needs music books with such songs as Margie, Springtime in the Rockies and Toot-toot-tootsie, so she can play along while her friends sing. Give Milly a chorus at (352) 683-0514.

Leslie Eckert of Bradenton wants to locate 10-inch dinner plates of Corning Corelle ware in a discontinued pattern called Summer Blossom. The plates are off-white with a light-blue border, two blue circles with blue and peach flowers and a blue bow around the center of the plate.

Leslie inherited her mother's set in 1994 and needs more plates. If you have a few pieces or even a set you would like to relocate, she would like to hear from you at (941) 749-7615.

Anna McNally of Spring Hill needs words and music to a song she'd like everyone at her reunion to sing. The song is I Remember You, and, if you remember it, call Anna at (352) 683-7758.

Ellyn Ahlstrom of Seminole has two requests. First, she'd like to find an old RCA LP for her mother. On the record actor Ralph Bellamy is reading the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam with lovely Oriental music in the background. Extensive research by Ellyn has failed to turn up a trace of this record, so, Exchangers, it's up to you!

Ellyn would also like a copy of a poem printed in Parade magazine a few years ago. It is written from the perspective of someone who has died and is talking to loved ones left behind. The last line goes something like, "It was so lovely being there with you." If you have a copy or know the author and title, please contact Ellyn in care of this column.

N.W. Foster of Clearwater needs an out-of-print book, The High Blood Pressure Relief Diet by James Scala, written about 1988. Also sought: the November 1976 issue of Prevention magazine. Call (813) 796-3805.

Helen Sommerfeld of Port Richey has acquired an AT&T typewriter, model 6500, which has no manual. If you own a twin to her machine, she would love to be able to copy your manual. Helen's number is (813) 863-5827.

Flo Chudecke of Spring Hill wants to know how to make a cat from yarn. She isn't more specific, so if you have a yarn-cat pattern you like, give Flo a call at (352) 683-8239 and see if it's what she wants.

During a cable intermission, R.J. Palo heard an operatic tenor belting out Home on the Range in Italian. Does anyone know who sang the song and where R.J. can buy it? Please send him the information in care of Reader Exchange.

Jeanne Cole of Largo, a beginning crocheter, wants a simple pattern for crocheted mittens. Jeanne may be reached at (813) 393-6678.

Send questions, answers and tips to Reader Exchange, Home & Garden, the Times, P.O. Box 1121, St. Petersburg 33731. Requests will be accepted only by mail; phoned requests will not be accepted. Readers must agree to the publication of their addresses and phone numbers.