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Hudson man kills his wife, then himself

A Hudson man shot and killed his wife of 15 years Saturday morning, then killed himself, the Pasco County sheriff's officials said.

Deputies said Harry William "Dutch" Missic Jr., 45, and his wife, Diann, 52, were found dead Saturday morning in the living room of their gray mobile home at 14720 Coyote Road.

Missic, 45, apparently shot and killed his wife with a .357-caliber handgun then turned it on himself, deputies said.

Diann Missic was shot in the chest, and Missic was shot in the head.

A family member found the couple and called the Sheriff's Office, which continues to investigate.

The shootings came three days before Dutch Missic's 46th birthday and less than a month before the couple would have had their wedding anniversary.

The Missics had lived in the Hudson neighborhood for about six years, and neighbors said, mostly kept to themselves.

"They were such nice people," said Carolyn Hains, a neighbor. "We always appreciated the man for spreading gravel and rock over this (Coyote) road."

Missic drove a large Mack truck that the neighbors said he used to haul gravel and sand. Diann was a homemaker. But even the family who lived next to the Missics for two years said they had little interaction with them outside of occasional glimpses of Missic in his truck.

"The last people who lived here said they stopped by their yard twice," neighbor David Towne Jr. said of the Missics.

Towne, 31, said he was up early Saturday morning doing yard work with a friend and heard nothing unusual.

But Towne said gunshots are heard so often in the rural community that they would not have been cause for alarm anyway.

"Shooting over here is common," he said, indicating a grove of trees across the dusty road. "Unless you hear them ringing off the trees over your head, you wouldn't pay any attention to it."

The couple apparently had no children together. However, Diann Missic's brother-in-law said she had one son from a previous marriage.

Diann Missic's sister lived on the property behind their home, next door to their mother and less than a mile from Diann's brother, Norris Fisher.

Fisher said it had been three weeks since he talked to the couple, since his truck-driving business often kept him away from home. Although Missic drove a truck as well, Fisher said the two did not work together.

Sheriff's Office spokesman Kevin Doll said there were no prior reports of domestic complaints from the Missic home.