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Charles Payne

President, Bartlett Park Neighborhood Association

The retired U.S. Air Force sergeant has lived in Bartlett Park for 14 years. This is his second year as president.

Brent Fisher

President, Greater Pinellas Point Civic Association

A mortgage lender, he has been president for two years. He has lived in Pinellas Point almost 10 years.

Theresa McEachern

President, Harbordale Neighborhood Association

A professional floral designer, she has lived in Harbordale since 1977 and raised her children there. She has been president of the neighborhood association since 1995. Before that, her husband, David, headed the group.

Barbara Ellis

President, Council of Neighborhood Associations

Ellis, who works for a social service agency, was elected president in 1996. She lives in Pinellas Point.

Bernice Darling

President, Lake Maggiore Shores Neighborhood Association

Darling, who organized the neighborhood association, is serving her fourth year as its president. She has lived in the community for 30 years. She also is vice president of Color Me Human Tampa Bay and works for the city's Neighborhood Partnership Office.

Don Bartlett

President, Old Southeast Neighborhood Association

President since October 1997, he has lived in Old Southeast for a little more than five years. He is retired from the Air Force and is a small business owner.

Janice Teemer

President, Campbell Park Neighborhood Association

She has been president for 2{ years and has lived in the area for six years. She is the owner of Teemer's Hat Designers.

Wanda Ricks

Board member, Old Southeast Neighborhood Association

She has lived in Old Southeast since 1991. She is an administrative coordinator for Operation PAR's Family Support Center, a homeless prevention program.