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Leave tax issue out of primary

Editor: Hernando County commissioners and Hernando County School Board members are discussing whether a sales tax referendum should be placed on the September primary election ballot, or on the November general election ballot. The commission needs money for road repairs and the School Board needs money to build a high school.

The primary election is a means whereby registered members of each political party determine who shall represent the party on the general election ballot. It is a screening process whereby the scarce wheat, concerned for community interests, is separated from the plentiful chaff, often wanting only an additional paycheck. A run-off primary election is held if the primary election winner receives less than 50 percent of the total votes cast.

The primary election is not an end in itself. Instead, it is a stage in the election process leading to the final and ultimate decision to be made at the general election. First came the general election. Then came the primary election to clear the way for one candidate from each party to be voted on at the general election.

Voting at a primary election replaces the earlier evil days when candidates were hand-picked secretly by a caucus of power-hungry party leaders and vested interests flaunting their dominance in, sometimes violent, smoke-filled back rooms. Ballots have replaced bullets.

The sole purpose of the primary election is to vote on people. It is not for voting on issues such as a sales tax.

James A. Willan


Fredricksen's reviews

always fair, professional

Editor: I disagree with Frank Marino's April 28 letter to the editor, which objected to Arts and Entertainment Editor Barbara Fredricksen's theater reviews.

She is an experienced professional whose reviews have always been fair and objective. Why should she write a glowing review of a performance that obviously does not deserve it?

Those who read her columns consistently can see that she gives praise more frequently than not. I would not want to see a performance unless I could be sure it would not be a waste of my time and money.

In choosing whether to believe Mr. Marino's perceptions or Ms. Fredricksen's review, I'll take the professional.

Barry Sleesman

Spring Hill